Traumeel S: The “other anti-inflammatory”

July 2021

When we get hurt, the first thing that comes to mind is to take a painkiller. Some consider anti-inflammatory drugs to be even more effective. In many cases, however, even with these options, we are not capable to treat the problem and pain still torments us. But why;

State-of-the-art medical research has provided the answer only in recent years. Innovative methods of medical research in collaboration with other sciences such as computer science have revealed that inflammation is a chain reaction and, in fact, a very complex one. Many different substances and cells are involved in the process. Furthermore, the research suggests that inflammation develops in three phases: The start phase, the fast phase, which is fast, rapid, and the de-escalation phase, which follows a slower and regular course. The “game” of various substances and cells in the body in each phase is different.

Until recently, we had been introduced to the “classic” anti-inflammatory drugs that block a specific link in the chain, thus resolving the reaction. This can prove useful in some cases, but in many others the body itself bypasses the action of the drug and continues the inflammatory reaction. In addition, these drugs have not rarely, serious side effects – especially in elderly people – and cannot be taken together with other medications e.g. anticoagulants.

The modern solution for inflammation resolution is found in the medicine called Traumeel S. Traumeel S consists of an innovative formula of fourteen herbal and mineral ingredients, which acts with two basic properties:

1) It is involved in a number of inflammatory events, not just a part of the process and

2) It does not act as an inhibitor, but as a regulator.


If the body was a car, the “classic” anti-inflammatory is the parking brake while Traumeel S is the steering wheel. Thus, the body follows the whole course of the inflammation until it subsides, but its unpleasant side-effects, like pain, are diminished.

Considering the above, do we have the panacea for inflammation? No, there is no medicine that can cure everything. But we have a modern, effective and completely safe solution that can help many people.





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