Zeel: The good friend of the skeleton

October 2021

Our skeleton, we all know that it is here to support us and to be able to move. That is why we have no intention of being deprived of his services, e.g. when we are in pain. Even worse when the problem lasts for a long time, for weeks, months or even years.

Of course, we can fight inflammation with medication and also take painkillers, but many times this is not enough. Zeel, a drug that has been on the market in Germany for many decades, offers us a wonderful, safe and often effective solution.

Its great advantage is its so-called organotropy towards the skeleton: This more or less means the property that its components, when absorbed by the body, act selectively on the skeleton, without affecting other tissues.

What they achieve is to modify various functional parameters of immune cells e.g. the production of specific enzymes, but also to support the regeneration of the tissues of a joint, to the extent of course that the body can carry it out.

Zeel is primarily indicated in degenerative diseases e.g. osteoarthritis, but has been shown to be useful in controlling the symptoms and inflammatory diseases of the skeleton, e.g. in rheumatic diseases.

A harmless and useful friend of our skeletal system.




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